Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mod MonkeyTheme: Pin The Tail On The Monkey

In planning Ian’s birthday party, I got to thinking that there will be a few kids coming that are a bit older than Ian. I thought some games would be nice, even though Ian couldn’t play. So I made a pin the tail one the monkey game!

I found a picture of a monkey that I really liked. In reality, it was on Ian’s pajamas. So I scanned it into my computer.

4-1-2010 9;22;56 AM

I zoomed in as far as I could go and printed it out. It was in pieces and parts of it weren’t there, but it’s easy enough I could read between the lines.

Then I took the leftover felt from my birthday banner and using what I printed, cut his little body out.

Then I took some tan felt and cut out his ears, tummy and face.

I then drew eyes, nose and mouth on with a fabric pen.

Then I used my sewing machine and zig-zag stitched his tan parts onto his brown parts. Then all of him into a blue piece of felt.

Then I made a yellow felt boarder and sewed it on, making a casting at the top I can slide a dowel through to hang him up.

Then I made a bunch of curly tails and hot glued some Velcro dots onto the backs. The hard side, not the soft…does that make sense?DSC_4919DSC_4920


I think he’s cute! I love him. Hopefully the kids will love him too!

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HoneyBee said...

Where do you put the tail? You can't see his bottom. If you put it on the front... well, that is just not kid-friendly.