Wednesday, June 30, 2010

American Baby


(Photo courtesy of Love Stitched)

Um hello.

Can you say cute?

Do you love America?

Do you not love this little cutie?!?!

I saw this picture and was so struck by it’s adorableness, I decided these shirts would make my boys look, hopefully, just as cute for the 4th.

DSC_5916 DSC_5917 DSC_5921


Aww, matching “his” and “his” cuteness.

These were a snap to make, thanks to the amazing step by step tutorial by Cheri at I am Momma Hear Me Roar, found here and here.

Seriously, awesome. I can’t wait.

Thanks Cheri! You’re awesome!!

MuralMaker and More

Only In America

That’s right, I made something else for the 4th. I can’t control myself, it’s becoming a sickness…
I was wandering through Melanie’s blog, The Crafty Cupboard, the other day and came upon this.
(photo from Melanie’s blog The Crafty Cupboard) 
Could you just die?! I know!! It’s so dang cute!!

And I knew I must have one for my very own.
So it was off the the fabric store, unfortunately known as Wal-mart.

Let’s just say her fabrics are WAAAY cuter than mine.

But I think it turned out alright, considering what I had to work with. (boo)


She has a template posted on her blog here.
It’s a lot like the birthday banner I made a few months ago.
Only smaller. And it came together a lot faster.

I used 1/2 yard of white, and 1/4 yard each of four printed fabrics of red and blue.

I also used a sheet of blue felt and a sheet of red felt and cut out little stars.

And two packages of double fold bias tape.

I made one small one with 12 pennants on it and a large one with eighteen.

It’s cute and adds a lot to the room!
So a big thanks to Melanie and her super cute blog for inspiring me and making it more festive around here.
Her blog, by the way, you should definitely go check out. She’s got some awesome stuff on there!!
**I went to the other craft store yesterday, which is usually waay too expensive to buy anything and they had all their 4th of July stuff 25% off…and they had some darling fabrics…but I was already halfway done with this project…dang it.

MuralMaker and More

Monday, June 28, 2010

Party In The USA

I saw this last spring and really loved it.
March 4 023
(photo from Linda’s blog, Craftaholics Anonymous)

Um, hi, can you say so so stinkin adorable?!?!  I loved it.
I, however, had just finished making my spring wreath.
Boo.  So I decided to put it on the back burner...until I had the idea to make a festive 4th of July wreath instead.

I basically love it.  I followed Linda’s tutorial for the most part, which is fantastic by the way.
I did make a few changes.

Here’s what I did.
Linda used felt. Walmart basically sucks noodles and didn’t have ANY blue felt.
So I decided to improvise and use ribbon.
I gathered all the red, white, and blue ribbon and buttons I could find. And I bought a wreath.


Then I followed Linda’s instructions for making the flowers.

DSC_5876 DSC_5877
DSC_5878 DSC_5879
Just make loops and then fold the ribbon at an angle and put a little hot glue to hold it. The angle you fold makes all the difference, as you might see with some of my flowers. It took me a minute to figure out how to make them all the same.

I ran out of ribbon while making this flower
So I just glued the start of new ribbon where it left off and kept going.

I had fun figuring out how to make different shapes and loops and little ones and big ones.

I love this little guy.

And this one’s a star. Cute cute cute!!

Then I just glued them onto the wreath and fastened a ribbon on with more hot glue.

I think it turned out perfectly!


Festive and oh so cute!
And fairly simple. It took me an hour, start to finish.
It was a naptime masterpiece!!

There I am in the reflection. Nice.

Thank you, Linda! You rock!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Silhouette Madness!

So do you know what a Silhouette is?


Okay, first off, go here and see the machine that will make all your dreams will come true.

Well, your crafty dreams anyway.

For real, I want one of these bad boys…I want one REAL bad!

Seriously, all the stuff you can do?!?! Vinyl, scrapbooking, heat transfers for clothing.


Want one too?

Well you are in luck because there are a plethora of blogs right now offering giveaways for a Silhouette of your very own!

Or my own…

Here’s the list:

Southern Hospitality’s runs for a week, not 100% on when it ends for sure. Go here to enter.

Oh Hello Friend’s runs until June 28th. Go here to enter.

Tatertots and Jello’s runs until June 29. Go here to enter.

Thrifty Decor Chic has a giveaway going on until June 29th as well. Go here to enter.

TomKat Studio will be running her giveaway until June 30th. Go here to enter.

Giver’s Log runs until June 30th as well. Go here to give it a shot.


Just A Girl will announce the winner on July 2. Go here to enter.

So go try for one! Seriously, it’s an amazing little toy!

I hope I win one.

And if I don’t, I hope you do!

And that you’ll let me use it!

PS Thanks to HowDoesShe? for letting me in on the secret! :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Check Me Out!

My Ian's Mod Monkey birthday party ideas were featured on Tip Junkie!
Go check it out!
I'm super excited about it.
And I love my baby.
Because he is adorable.
Thanks Lauire!
You rock!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Shower Countdown

I’ve been up to my old tricks again. DSC_5540

Except this time I bought a score blade for my cutter and it seriously cut my time in half!


No pun intended.DSC_5544

Oh and I added a little blue and brown into the mix.DSC_5545

That’s right. We’s gonna have us a double shower!DSC_5546

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the greatest shower of all time.DSC_5555

Judging by these here invites, boy, it’s gonna blow your minds!DSC_5548

More to come… I know you’re on the edge of your seats