Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards

I wanted to make out little Thanksgiving dinner a bit more formal this year. I made a beautiful centerpiece and decided we needed place cards as well. I found a cute idea here and decided to dive in. Here's how mine came together. I used:

Colored Cardstock
Patterned paper
Small letter stickers
1.5"x2" Photos

Here's how you get the job done:

Cut the card stock into 4" x 9.5" pieces

Score them at 2.5", 5" and 7.5"
Fold and adhere them into triangles
Cut the patterned paper to 4" x 2.5"
Cut some card stock pieces to 4" x 1" Adhere card stock to patterned paper.
Add the names with small letter stickers.
(I had to mat a couple of the names because I bought the same color stickers as paper. Oops!)
Cover the seams with coordinating ribbon. Or contrasting ribbon, however you like it!
Mat the little photos with cardstock

Adhere the pictures to the patterned paper and add the assembled pieces to one side of the triangles.
They turned out so adorable and we'll be able to use them for years and years.

Well, some of them will need to be updated, obviously...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

This year I made centerpieces. Thanksgiving centerpieces even! I got the idea here. She is brilliant! They were quite simple to make and turned out fabulous!

I found the glass vases and candle holders at Dollar Tree, however, my Dollar Tree did not have the tall 7 day candles. I found mine at Family Dollar, for $1.50.

After washing all the tags off, I hot glued the candle holders to the bottoms of the vases.
I then added some hot glue to the bottoms of the 7 day candles and glued them into the vases.
I then stuffed some fake leaves down the sides. I would have used real ones, but alas, all my leaves outside look like, well, crap. So I got some pretty and colorful ones.
Showtime! Here they are at the big game! I think they turned out marvelously, don't you?
And they're so very versatile and gorgeous. Here is what they are looking like these days...

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Call me thrifty, call me cheap, I don't even care. I will not spent $17 on a paper-thin, barely holding together by a thread Superman costume.
Not gonna happen.
So what's a crafty mom to do in such a situation?
We improvise, that' s what!
Long sleeved T shirt: $3.
Sweat pants: $3.
Rit Dye: $2.
Felt: $.25.
Yellow Fabric: $1.
Superman costume that will keep baby man warm and NOT fall apart the second time he wears it: PRICELESS!

I found the Superman logo on the Web somewhere, printed it, cut it out and traced it onto red felt. I then placed red felt over yellow fabric and cut it along the edges and sewed it together onto the front of the shirt.

I dyed some of daddy's socks and an old pair of undies in some red Rit Dye.

Then I sewed a belt to the front of the undies and attached the back with Velcro. I also added red "belt loops" to the front, just for show.

I made the cape out of some scrap red I had left over from bridesmaid dresses I made a long time ago, used ribbon as a tie.

I stretched the now red socks over a pair of winter boots.

Done and done. My son loves to wear his shirt all the time and is begging me to make a Batman one.

Whew, maybe next year, after the holidays are over...