Saturday, November 7, 2009


Call me thrifty, call me cheap, I don't even care. I will not spent $17 on a paper-thin, barely holding together by a thread Superman costume.
Not gonna happen.
So what's a crafty mom to do in such a situation?
We improvise, that' s what!
Long sleeved T shirt: $3.
Sweat pants: $3.
Rit Dye: $2.
Felt: $.25.
Yellow Fabric: $1.
Superman costume that will keep baby man warm and NOT fall apart the second time he wears it: PRICELESS!

I found the Superman logo on the Web somewhere, printed it, cut it out and traced it onto red felt. I then placed red felt over yellow fabric and cut it along the edges and sewed it together onto the front of the shirt.

I dyed some of daddy's socks and an old pair of undies in some red Rit Dye.

Then I sewed a belt to the front of the undies and attached the back with Velcro. I also added red "belt loops" to the front, just for show.

I made the cape out of some scrap red I had left over from bridesmaid dresses I made a long time ago, used ribbon as a tie.

I stretched the now red socks over a pair of winter boots.

Done and done. My son loves to wear his shirt all the time and is begging me to make a Batman one.

Whew, maybe next year, after the holidays are over...

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