Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

This year I made centerpieces. Thanksgiving centerpieces even! I got the idea here. She is brilliant! They were quite simple to make and turned out fabulous!

I found the glass vases and candle holders at Dollar Tree, however, my Dollar Tree did not have the tall 7 day candles. I found mine at Family Dollar, for $1.50.

After washing all the tags off, I hot glued the candle holders to the bottoms of the vases.
I then added some hot glue to the bottoms of the 7 day candles and glued them into the vases.
I then stuffed some fake leaves down the sides. I would have used real ones, but alas, all my leaves outside look like, well, crap. So I got some pretty and colorful ones.
Showtime! Here they are at the big game! I think they turned out marvelously, don't you?
And they're so very versatile and gorgeous. Here is what they are looking like these days...

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