Monday, April 19, 2010

Mod Monkey Envelopes: How To

So I have the invites, now I need a clever way to mail them.
Have you price checked envelopes lately?
Yeah, a little ridiculous.
I thought about it and decided I could probably make my own.

I went to my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart and bought a package of card stock for $3.95.

I pulled out the colors I wanted.
I folded them.I pressed them.I cropped them.I folded them again.
I cropped them again.I glued them.I stuffed them.I folded once more.I glued once more.I made a cute little seal to match.And Viola! I only used half of the package and looky! Awesome.
And cheap.
Which, as you know, is the best kind of awesome.

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