Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby Quilt

I saw this quite a while ago and fell in love with it!  And I put it in my "bank" of things I wanna make someday...
And then we found out I'm having a girl and a whole world of opportunity opened up for me!
And the first thing I had to make was this quilt.
I couldn't get it out of my head.
So I went fabric shopping and came up with this:

I basically followed her tutorial fairly closely.
I obviously used different fabric.
I cut the letters out using my Silhouette, which was AMAZING!  Saved me so much time!  I really heart that little machine.
And changed the word "play" to "poop" because, come on!  We all know that's whats REALLY going on.
And I used black thread to zig zag stitch around the words.  I love how they kinds of pop.
I simply quilted diagonal lines across the thing, since I didn't really want to hand quilt anything and don't own a super fantastic quilting machine.
I basically love everything about this little quilt and can't wait to let my little belly snuggle with it...or on it...or whatever.

So a HUGE thanks to Vanessa from V and Co for this amazing idea and tutorial.
And expect a lot more of where this came from!
I'm not due until June!
And there's a WHOLE lotta ideas out there for little girls...


Meggie said...

I stumbled across your blog by reading some of the comments on the original "eat, play, sleep, repeat" quilt tutorial. I love, love, love your version of it! I am dying to make a nursery set for my baby son's crib, based around this quilt. Well done :)

Skye said...
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Skye said...

Ok, I'm dumb. I left a post but then wasn't sure this was your blog, never mind me. I love your Things to do list, I'm copying it right now.

Just Jaime said...

How adorable!