Friday, February 19, 2010

Turn a pair of jeans into an apron…and on another note, some dishtowels

I did a whole cooking theme for my sister-in-law’s Christmas present this past year.  I remade an old family cookbook, got her some new recipes and a recipe holder, and made her an apron and some dish towels.

I found a pattern I loved.  Simplicity 2682


All you need is a pair of jeans and some fabric to make a belt.

I think it turned out super dooper cute!  I kinda wanted to keep it for myself!

DSC_2734 DSC_2735 DSC_2730


I saw a tutorial at See Mama Sew and had to make some.  Her tutorial is perfect.  Instead of using lots of fabrics, I just used the same fabric as the belt to make some dish towels.


See?  Matchy matchy!


I thought they turned out fabulously.  So much fun to make.

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Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

This is super-fun, I love it! Would it be alright if I feature this on my blog? ...Perhaps, tomorrow? So cute! e-mail me and let me know, kay? Thanks.