Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Blankets

I saw the aptly named "Stay 'N Play" blanket here and decided I knew a few deserving candidates.

So I made four.

They come together fairly easily and as long as you don't have any, erm,
distractions, can be put together in a few hours!

I bought a couple different patterns of fabric and squared them to 37''.
Then I sewed four 2'' lengths of ribbon about 2''-5'' from the corners on the "top" fabric, and 1 ribbon length dead center on the "bottom"fabric.
I then placed the bottom fabric face down, then placed a layer of polar fleece, then added the top layer face up.
I pinned the layers and made my markings with a quilting pencil.

On this one, I stitched vertical lines 1 1/2'' apart. It took longer than I was prepared for, but looked so cute and puffy.

This one I stitched the lines 2" apart and it went a bit faster and looked just as puffy and cute.
On these, I did diagonal lines 2" apart. I really liked the way the diagonals looked and it was really fast sewing. If you're in a hurry, I would totally suggest doing diagonals.
I can't decide which way I like better. I'm thinking I want to make another one and do diagonals in both directions, making a diamond sort of pattern!

Then, after they were all sewn together, I trimmed the edges to make them even and sewed on a satin baby boarder.
That was it! Done!

I folded them up and then added a new linky toy.

I think my babe needs one, although, he is almost to the point where I would need to tether HIM down, not the toy! :)

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