Friday, February 19, 2010

Easy Nursing Apron

I own a nursing apron and it does a good job, except it’s small.  My baby has no problem pulling it over and exposing all our bidnaz.

My dear friend recently had a baby girl and I thought she could use one. 

I used the one I have as a basic pattern, only I made it a little longer and a lot wider.

It’s a very simple design. 

Cut a piece of fabric the size you want the apron to be.  Hem three of the sides.

Cut a small piece of fabric, about 2 1/2”x6 1/2”.  Make a strap by sewing it right sides together and turning it right-side out.

Then fold it in half and sew two D-rings inside, like shown below.

Then make another strap, same width, but as long as you want it.  Make it more of an elongated triangle, so one end is considerably smaller than the other.

Sew right sides together and turn.

Press the final side, about a half inch, cut a small piece of boning, place it in the middle of the edge.  Sew the hem, enclosing the boning.  Then sew on your two other straps on either side of the boning.



It turned out so cute I may just make one for myself!

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