Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kid’s Rag Quilts

I was perusing the pattern section at Wally World and found this:


Whatever! Super cute! I had a ton of fabric stored that was collecting dust, so I decided to make a couple quilts for the boys. The colors were not exactly perfect, but I think they turned out alright.


The turtle is Ian’s. It’s really warm and snuggly, but we have hardwood floors and it works fabulously as a play mat.


They’re quite a bit larger than I expected, as you can see by the dwarfed giant baby in the corner. This on is my nephew’s. I actually had enough fabric to make as extra one! BONUS!!


Izacc can’t sleep without his.

These are the first quilts I’ve made using an official pattern. It was interesting and I think they turned out pretty cute.

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