Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Angry Bird Costume

I'm letting the cat out of the bag a little early this year.  Our family, well most of us, are going as Angry Birds this Halloween!  And I don't know if you've priced out the costumes, but, uh, they ain't cheap!  So it was time for Mommy to think outside the box.
And I started with out youngest.
The yellow angry bird.
Here's what I found online.

And it would never do.
So I bought a long sleeved onsie.

I couldn't find a face online really, so I drew one.
(feel free to print it out and enlarge it as you see fit.)

I dyes the onesie and cut the face out of red, white, black, and orange felt.
I ironed some interfacing onto the wrong side of the front and appliqued the face right on that little onesie.

I also sewed on a little ribbon for the feathers and secured it with a button.  I think it makes it a little more girly.

Now, to add to the adorableness, I made a tutu, using my favorite go to pattern.
I cut a ribbon, black of course since the yellow bird has black tail feathers, and tied knots with about 20 inches in between.

I cut 3 yards of yellow tulle into 6" strips that were 12" long.
I popped in a movie turned on Netflix and tied and tied and tied.
And ended up with this.

Could you just die?!

Now for the cherry on top, I made a little bow.
I used a combination from two tutorials, found at Craft Rookie and Funky Polkadot Giraffe.
And looky looky what I made!

Cute little tuft of feathers if I do say so myself.

Add a black headband and some black tights and we're ready to charm the pants off of anyone we meet!

Halloween here we come!!


Jena said...

That is SO much cuter than the store-bought costume! LOVE it!

The Lovely One said...

The little yellow tutu makes it! So cute!