Saturday, September 17, 2011

Installing New Glass Onto An GE Oven Door

I know, this is a very different topic for my blog, but we had the unfortunate opportunity to replace the glass on our oven range door.
We had a small incident with a child's chair which caused a massive explosion.
And much sadness.  

 So I called GE and got the information I needed.  It was no longer under warranty so we would just have to call someone locally.  I talked to someone in the parts department and got the part number, and then went to  Parts and ordered a new glass door.
It was WAY cheaper than I thought it was going to be and  arrived in really good time.  We're talking 4 days. 
There were NO instructions anywhere online.  There was a picture.
When I talked to the parts department, this is what he directed me to.
In order to help anyone else who has this problem, here's what we did.

First, unscrew the inside of the door using a torx bit.
There are two screws in the inside of the door that allow the glass to separate from the door itself. 
We've opened this before when I spilled pumpkin pie filling and it got inside. 
Once those screws are loosened, remove the handle assembly. 
 We used a 1/4" socket and took out the screws that attach the  handle onto the frame.
 There are two on each side.

 Once the handle is removed, you need to be careful not to let the door close because it could bend the frame.  This requires a second person.

 There are clips on the inside of the handle assembly that hold the glass in place.
 Remove any glass from under those.
 Then get the brand spankin' new shiny glass,
Align the glass into the bottom of the frame. 
 Line up the side rails of the frame with the glass.
 Position the handle back onto the glass and frames.
 Reattach the screws on either side

 The attatch the door back onto the frame and glass.
And just like that, good as new. 
 Start to finish, it took us less than 30 minutes to complete.
And that was with me saying "Stop!  I want to take a picture"
Moral of the story here is to keep all children's chairs out of the kitchen to avoid further explosions.


Unknown said...

Excellent instructions. We followed them and the job was done in 15-20 minutes. Thanks so much!

Allan Murray said...

Hi, I wonder what caused the explosion that shattered the glass of that oven.

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James Curtis said...

I'm little curious about that incident. What happened before the explosion?
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Camie Rae said...

The glass was originally broken because of a child's metal chair. It got kicked and bounced up and hit the oven door at just the right spot to completely shatter it. It was so weird and probably wouldn't happen again if we tried!

James Curtis said...

Thank you Ms.Camie for such explanation. I bookmarked your educational and informative blog and I will always visit here.

Jason Strong said...

This wouldn't be fun at all, I'm way sorry it happened. When I see stuff like this, I'm always reminded how important it would be to have a glass door service to help out. I wouldn't be able to install this one my own, and would need professionals to come help. It looks really good now though!

Dionicia Quinata said...

How much did the glass piece cost?

Mary Pablate said...

You can read this review as well!

Denlymills said...

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darrenwyatt said...

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