Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Cinderella (Dress) Story

Five years ago I had a baby.
And the time came for us to bless* him.
And I did not feel like paying $100 for a tiny suit her would wear one time.
There was a little suit at the Distribution Center, but it was a little too "Peter Pan" for me.
It was all shiny and kind of effeminate.
I mean, I know baby boys can get away with wearing something a little more feminine,
But I had a way more manly vision in mind.
So I made him a tux.

Complete with coattails and a bow tie. 

There were no patterns out there for such a project, so I took one for a simple romper and added my tux parts. It was a ton of work, but I was pleased with how it turned out.

And he looked so super handsome!

I mean have you ever seen a more beautiful 3 month old?!
Top 3 anyway.  

Three years later, I had another baby and this time it was summertime.
And hot.
The tux was just too heavy to put my new babe in.
So I sought out another pattern, which proved to be pretty hard to find.
Why can I never find a good pattern for boys clothes?!
But I found this cute little number and thought it just might work.

And it did!
Especially without the jacket.

Such a cute tie!
And the suspenders?!  Adorable.

Although the jacket was pretty cute as well.

And speaking of cute, have you ever seen a cuter baby?!
Well, technically, I know he's one of the three cutest babies that ever lived
But honestly.  So so so CUTE!!

Well, fast forward two years and along came Amelia.
And I finally got to make a blessing dress!
Well, sort of.
You see, before I had Amelia my Mom did a super sweet thing and bought a blessing dress for her.
She's the best, you know.
 But I fear my mom got taken a bit.
She paid quite a bit for this dress.
And the fabric it was made of was SUPER cheap.
And thin.
And I knew something had to be done.
 Also, I wanted to add a couple if my own little touches to it to personalize it.
You know me.
Can't leave well enough alone.

And here's what I came up with. 

 I took the bodice off the skirt.
I removed the trim and large daisy.
I took the top tier off the skirt so it wouldn't be as long.
I bought a yard of satin and cut a skirt out of it.
There's no zipper in the back, just buttons, so I lucked out there.
I added three rows of ribbon at the bottom and some beaded lace daisies.
I added lace from my wedding dress around the waist, and added a tie in the back.
I used the original skirt as a petticoat and sewed tulle along the bottom to make it more, uh, poofy.

It turned out better than I could have ever imagined!
And I only spent $5 on fabric, tulle, and ribbon.
I had everything else.
HOORAY for saving scraps!

I also whipped up a headband using the trim I used on my wedding veil. 
And I used the big daises on my wedding dress, so I had to incorporate them somehow.

To top it off,I felt she needed a bracelet.
So I made one.

But I also made one for myself.
Mother and daughter matching bracelets.

 With a matching charm.

And I think it all came together beautifully.
A pretty princess dress...
...for a pretty princess.

 Honetsly.  One of the three cutest babies you've ever seen, amIright?!

*In the LDS religion, we give babies a name and special blessing when they are young, as in months old.  It's probably most comparable to a Christening or a Name Dedication etc.

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Jena said...

What a gorgeous dress - and so special that you added pieces from your wedding dress! She's such a cutie - hope I get to meet her soon. Take care my friend!