Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vintage Baby

I was going through my pattern collection looking for baby stuff and I came across this little gem.   

Methinks this was my Gramma’s, it’s got a copyright of 1970 and most of the pieces were cut out,  indicating they’ve been used before.  I love the thought of my Gramma lovingly making her babies clothes.  And the fact that I get to use the very same pattern to make my baby something is just heartwarming to me.

I have found that little baby dressed require such a small amount of fabric!  I went through all my scraps from over the years and,  much to my excitement, found a whole bunch of possibilities.  So many, in fact, that I ran out of patterns.

So I made two of the same dress out of different fabrics.  

And I’m so so glad I did because the look completely different!

The first one was made with scraps from a maternity dress I made with my first baby.

Please disregard the large amounts of baby going on here.  I was 8 months pregnant.

Also please disregard the large amounts of weird faces I’m making. 

**Note to self:  Start looking normal for pictures.


So the moral of the story here is the dress is made out of a beautiful linen.  And I had JUST enough to make this: 
Front Back
The pictures don’t do it justice in my opinion.  You should see it in real life.

And know what else?  I think I see a pair of ruffle butt panties in it’s future…

The other one was made from the scraps of another dress I made myself back in 2007 for a friend’s wedding.  I don’t have any pictures of me in said dress, which is a shame because I think it’s darling.  But here’s the fabricDSC_8378 

And,  again,  I had barely enough to make Baby Girl this: 

DSC_8376 DSC_8377
It’s probably my favorite.  It’s just so yummy!  I can’t even handle it! 

And so the moral of the story here is always save your scraps because look how much cuteness can come out of it!!


PONCIANO said...

Both of them are way cute!!

Saimi said...

You're right they are CUTE really, really cute!!

Good job!

Betsy said...

I love them, they are adorable. You're girlie is going to be so spoiled rotten and adorable. I love how the dresses have sentiment!

The Francom Family said...

Oh my goodness gracious. Cute, Cute, Cute. I need some of your cherrie scraps for Emma's bed spread I am making. Please tell me where you got that fabric or save some for me!!! - Liz

My Oatmeal Kisses said...

I love the yellow and purple dress. It looks like a dream! I also love the crazy faces when you were wearing the yellow dress, it makes the little baby dress seem more sassy.

Sarah Kate said...

Wow, these are incredible!! You are really talented! And I love your funny faces! ;o) There are very few pictures of me, but when I do take one, I have a REALLY hard time taking it seriously. :o) My daughter's gonna look back at pictures and think her mom's a weirdo. ;o)